Let’s test the kink out of you!

Check your Kikinessby taking BDSM test
Check your Kikinessby taking BDSM test

Do you like to play extreme during sex? Do think you are kinky or vanilla? Take the fantastic ‘BDSM Quiz‘ and understand a possible ranking of your level of kink. It will delve into different aspects of BDSM and related topics. Please note that the multiple-choice questions in this BSDM test are not in particular order.


BDSM is an umbrella term for a variety of (often erotic) practices or roleplaying; it is an acronym representing three components:

  • BD: Bondage & Discipline (playing with physical restraints, training, punishment, etc.)
  • DS: Dominance & Submission (playing with obedience, power exchange, service, humility, etc.)
  • SM: Sadism & Masochism (playing with pain, degradation, fear, etc.)

More often than not, other ‘deviant’ sexual practices are also considered to be part of BDSM.
BDSM is a consensual activity respecting the fundamental rights of every human being involved; this separates it from sexual and domestic abuse.

BDSM test or kink test is designed to test the kinkiness of users. This test can tell you what parts of BDSM and kink you are into. It’s made for fun and an educational experience for both inexperienced and experienced kinksters. This test can also be taken by lesbian bdsm. You can Check indepth BDSM Archetypes on our website.

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